Summer 2009 Jewelry Trends

During the 1930s depression, people looked to the movies with upbeat musicals and lavish sets for that touch of optimism. Fashion too reflects the movie scene, with glamorous and sensual clothes, fur trimmed clothes by day and backless dresses by night. The look was luxe in contrast to the economic climate of that time.

Enter 2009, with the depressing economic climate. Fashion goes upbeat. An escape from the gloom and doom of these times. Canary yellow halter dresses, primary colors in clothes, chic asymmetrical dresses and gorgeous flowy, printed gowns are just some of the looks offered this season.

On top of that jewelry goes overboard. It kind of makes sense. Mankind looks beyond the immediate gloom, to the hope that lies beyond it. Movies. Theater. Fashion. All forms of art provide man an escape from current troubles. Fantasy. Imagination. All signify hope for a better future.

Jewelry is about beauty. Art. Fantasy. Like catching stars and wearing them on your ears, letting them trail down your neck, in the form of drop earrings.

The gloomier the outlook, the more flamboyant fashion gets. Jewelry gets gigantic.

At Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2009 ready to wear collection, models wore choker necklaces that covered the neck down to the chest with bling. Or at very least, if a necklace was worn, it was a statement piece. Like a choker that completely covers the wearer’s throat. There’s nothing wishy washy about these necklaces. Either go sans jewelry or wear them chunky.

John Galliano accessorized suits with humongous pendants on chunky chains for Spring/Summer 2009.

At Zac Posen’s models wore huge earrings that can be likened to door knockers for the Spring/Summer 2009 ready to wear collection.

In all, for Summer 2009, forget about dainty jewelry that you have to strain your eyes to see. Opt for statement jewelry instead. In particular, go for chunky jewelry [] that’s this season’s must have accessory.